Sunday, December 11, 2011

A bit discombobulated and long overdue.

Well well. It's been a crazy few weeks. November was the most exciting month I've had all year. We've had so many shows and I am having the hardest time trying to remember it all. It seems the only posts I've had lately are band related. All my pictures are from shows! It's also starting to look like December is going to be pretty rad as well.

Thanksgiving was lovely and I found myself quite bored with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I used to LOVE watching it, but it's just gotten so lame. I worked Black Friday and it wasn't bad at all.

I think Loki had a good Thanksgiving too.

We have another show tomorrow. I'm not expecting a very big turn out as it is a Monday and it's cold out. However, I may be wrong on this. For you see, we will be playing with Fatty Cakes again and she can bring a crowd. I can understand why too, she's adorable and seems like a blast to be around. Restaurnaut and The P.I.T.T.S. will also be there. The headliner is Heavy Flow from Santa Barbara with members from bands like Watercolor Paintings (I'm so excited!!!) and Backpack. We weren't sure if we belonged on this bill, but it's just so fun to play. How could we resist another visit to the Bel-Tower? We're going to be there again later this week for a show on Friday. I hope they aren't sick of us. We also got booked for a show on Thursday at Audi's Olympic. I've invited all the people who are afraid to go to the punk venues to this one.

Other than all this band stuff, life hasn't really changed. Still have two jobs. My sewing skills have improved and I have managed to make two new dresses. One is a classic shirt dress with a gathered skirt in black muslin. It's so comfy and I wish I could wear it everyday. The other is a navy blue sailor dress also with a gathered skirt (I love gathered skirts, they minimize my hips). I wore it to work and everyone kept calling me Sailor Emelia. I didn't mind it one bit! I can't wait until I have enough money to buy really nice fabric. My wish list this year mostly consists of fabric, buttons and other notions.

Also, it's been decided that we'll be moving sometime in the next few months. Which is great, because I was not looking forward to packing or apartment searching. It's just so exhausting, and we also manage to lose something in the move.

I'll end this with a couple of videos from the last show we did. Teenage Sweater (Oakland) and All Your Sisterz (recently re-located to Oakland) were two super nice guys. Both of their sets were electro based, but they were both very good. I bought a kick ass shirt from All Your Sisterz. During his set, a random guy came in and joined in on the music. Though it was hilarious, he didn't really ruin the set. It was a pretty memorable night. Al Bundy (sincerely like these guys and their drummer is beastly!) also played and had a guest singer with a Pearl Jam request (also hilarious) and of course, our dear friend Maximo played as well. So here's some vidz.

Al Bundy

Maximo Garcia (real name Garth)

All Your Sisterz

Teenage Sweater

Two Currents also played, but I think Mas forgot to upload it onto Youtube. Wish I had some video of us, but alas. There is none. Ah well. Here are some links to the bands!

Teenage Sweater
All Your Sisterz
Two Currents
Al Bundy
I'd link Maximo, but he only has his personal Fb page. :/

Later gators!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Shit happens.

Hey hey hey! How's everyone doing? Well I hope. So the weekend has passed and boy, have I got an entry for you. The Nov 17th and Nov 19th shows are in the books and we are moving onward to the Nov 29th show with Street Eaters. I AM STOKED! Alright, I suppose I should do a recap on the shows passed.

Where shall I begin? Well this show was at The Bel-Tower and the headliner was Carol Bui. I wasn't sure what to expect from this show, but it turned out fun and I felt good about it at the nights end. Our old (new) friend Restaurnaut was supposed to go first, but he had forgotten a certain effect pedal at home and had to run out to get it. This obviously caused the show to start late. So his pal Danny Lango filled in for him. Danny had some great songs and we really enjoyed them. Mas took some video.

He was lovely and seemed super excited to have a chance to play some songs. Nick (Restaurnaut) arrived and got the show rolling. He seemed to experience technical difficulties again, but the show went on and he got a great response from the crowd.

Next up was the highly anticipated performance from Fatty Cakes (real name Amber Fargano). It seemed like she drew quite the crowd and most of the people in attendance were actually there to see her. She was truly adorable and had the sweetest personality with songs to match. I really liked her set. I cannot wait to hear more from this lovely lady. Here is some more video courtesy of my dude:

We were asked in the middle of Amber's set if we could go on last. This, I will admit, was a bit of a bummer and kind of took me out of the fun. We of course agreed and waited. We never leave early anyway, we stick around until the very end. It's just fun that way. I don't blame Carol Bui for wanting to go on next, the show started late and I'm sure she didn't want people to leave and play to an empty house (happens all the time). So yeah, she went on and put on a fantastic show. There wasn't a band and she had to use her iPod, but she was so sweet and she danced at the end of her set. It was very nice. I think Mas was pretty bummed because he forgot to get some video. Oh well. She dedicated a few songs to an organization called HIPS (Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive) which is a worthy organization worth recognition for what they do. If you'd like to find out more about them and/or donate just head over to their web site. I'll link them along with the band links at the bottom. The Bel-Tower is actually located on a street called Belmont, and this particular street has a reputation for being a prostitution hot zone. So I'm really glad there were people representing HIPS there.

A brass band called Passion Bucket went up before us. A few of their members had to work early the next morning, when I heard this I immediately knew (or so I thought) that EVERYONE was going to leave after their set. This made me so very sad, but the more I thought about it, the less sad I got. If everyone did in fact leave, we would still be playing for our friends and the Bel-Tower staffers (whom have become really good friends/supporters). So it wasn't so bad. I didn't catch the whole Passion Bucket show because we had to set up a little. Again, no video. Sorry. They did well and there was a lot of dancing. Always nice to see. So they finished and just as we were rolling in our equipment, it seemed like the whole room cleared out with the other band. Ouch.

As I was setting up my bass and amp, I made small talk with the sound guy Omar and he said some really nice things about us and Tyrannosaurus Zebra that really made my night. I was glad to be playing again. Thanks Omar! We played, and guess what? The people stayed! It was awesome and they danced!! My goodness, I was relieved. After we packed up and almost everyone left, we stuck around to shoot the shit with a few of the Bel-Tower guys (Omar, Maximo, and Neat). They agreed that they would find a way to get to Visalia so that they could catch our Velouria Records show. We love these guys. It was a good night. Even though I made a lot of mistakes and forgot some lyrics. Shit happens.

And that would be the theme for the next show. Shit happens. But first! The day in between shows. I worked a double shift (going job to job). After work, we went to catch Maximo's gig at the Starline. Had a pint and let him know we came out to support him. Here's a video!

Alright, I'll try to keep this show short because it kind of sucked. Basically,our drummer got lost and didn't get to play with us. We were both pretty upset about it and I mostly just felt disappointed and embarassed. Werebear went on and played and we waited and waited. The record store closed at 8 and we started at 7:35. We played with just bass, guitar and vocals. Our Bel-Tower homies made good on their word and showed up early too. Anyway, it was awkward when he did arrive halfway into our set. Afterwords, we talked a little and went to get some pizza and beer with Wearbear. Our drummer went elsewhere with his friends. It's been kind of weird, but we practice tomorrow and the show for the 29th is still a go. Not to mention we added another on the 2nd of December. Now I'm just hoping for the best. Here is a picture that Ricky from Werebear took. It came out really good and I love that Bruce Springsteen is in the background. That's all for now. Goodnight!


Carol Bui
Fatty Cakes
Passion Bucket
Danny Lango

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

One down, three to go.

Last night was our first of four shows for this month and it took place in a basement. I'm going to try and keep this short. We met a lot new and really nice people.

The first band we met was Elephant Rifle and they were way nice guys. They also put on a loud and fun show. Then of course we ran into the fine fellows of Tyrannosaurus Zebra who also asked if they could use my bass amp "Big Barda". To which I gladly gave my consent. They really are a great band and their bassist is very good. After I went inside to scope out the basement we were about to play in, I met Maximo. He too was very nice and had what appeared to be a broken foot. I felt bad for him most of the evening as he had to remain seated for all of the other acts. Poor guy. We ended up waiting a good hour for the show to really get started. Maximo was first, then another local act Al Bundy went next. They were super loud and the drummer was a beast. Their songs were only a few seconds long and reminded me of Crash and the Boys (yes, from Scott Pilgrim). The drummers hitting was so thunderous his whole drum kit fell apart.

We were up after and thanks to a very stoned fellow, we managed to have a nice crowed around us. He encouraged everyone to get close and dance, thank you for that kind sir, whomever you are. I didn't catch his name. We all made a few mistakes, but overall we had fun and that's pretty much why we do it. I gave out a few more buttons to those kind enough to come over and talk to me and made some more valley connections with other bands. Hopefully we'll be playing a whole lot more and from the looks of it, with really nice people. A lot of girls were in attendance and that really made me happy. I hope they decide to start bands too. I felt super bad for the band Our Lady because the lead singer/guitarists amp totally gave out on him. He borrowed Mas's and even after that, his guitar would NOT stay in tune. After he switched guitars, the entire power pad just gave out. It was a real bummer and I was really looking forward to seeing them play as they looked like a super fun band. I bought a cd from them and I also bought an Elephant Rifle tee. The show went well passed midnight and we had to leave in the middle of Boom Boom Kids set. Mas wasn't feeling to well and neither was I. The bands were great and the atmosphere was pleasing. I'd play there again, but maybe bring a very muscular man or woman to carry our amps down the stairs.

Next show is this Thursday and I hope it's a rad one. We'll be in a much more familiar environment with a lot more familiar faces. Stoked!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Busy. So very busy.

Where or where to begin??

Seriously, I have no idea where to begin. So I guess I'll just list band news and get to other stuff after that. We have shows n' shows n' more shows! Here's the list of events and some flyers.


This is to take place in a basement therefore making it a basement show therefore making it most excellent. BoomBoom Kid (Alls the way from Argentina!), Elephant Rifle (experimental hardcore from Reno, NV), Our Lady (folk punx from Illinois), XIX (Bakersfield, CA punx), Tyrannosaurus Zebra (Visalia, CA folk punx), and Maximo Garcia (local acoustics) will also be in attendance. I'm hoping for a lovely evening. Show starts at 7 p.m.


This time around we'll be playing with Carol Bui (guitar and drums with "middle eastern flair" outta Washington), Fatty Cakes (described as "weird girl fun times"), Passion Bucket, our homeboy Restaurnaut" (ukulele n'stuff) and possibly more! Again, show starts at 7. This ought to be a good one and I'm really looking forward to the other bands.


This is the one mentioned in the previous post. We'll be playing with Werebear in Visalia at Velouria Records. We're really happy to be playing with them as they are really nice people and it's been lovely getting to know them here and there. I hope there is somewhat of a crowd. This one, I fear, may be a smaller turn out. I hope Visalia shows up because I don't really know anyone who's going to drive down to see us. Which reminds me, I need to make better friends around here. Or friends who have similar interests and are somewhat supportive I should say. Anyway, it's gonna be fun and I hope people show up to join in on said fun.

And last, but not least!

We'll be playing another show (there is not a yet a flyer for this one) on the 29th with
Street Eaters, Landlord, Tyrannosaurus Zebra, and Maximo Garcia (again). This one I am mega stoked for. It's gonna be a doozy and I can't wait!

We have been so lucky to have played with such lovely people our first two shows, and I can only hope that our luck continues well into the future. Feeling pretty good about life right now.

And just as I type that, I remember that we have to start looking for an apartment soon. I cannot even begin to express how much I loath the moving process. To know that I'm going to have to be doing it all over again in the next few weeks makes me sick to my stomach. I'll try to cheer myself up by thinking about all the cool happenings from the band every time all the other icky stuff in my life starts to creep into consciousness. Being a responsible adult can sometimes be a drag. Sometimes. Anyway, other cool stuff has happened the past few weeks. Like, we went to see Matt and Kim for free at a suicide prevention festival. It was pretty awesome. Alright, that is all for now. I leave you now with a picture of my cat lounging around in the sun. We thought he was dead, but he was just sleeping. He is so spoiled.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mark Your Calendars!

That's right! Sci-Fi Caper has another show booked. Yay. This time it's a "road gig!" as Tenacious D would say. We're driving up to Visalia to play at Velouria Records with our Orosi homies, Werebear on November 19th. Show starts at 6! So be there, because we still have some way cool buttons (designed by Missy Kulik) to give away. I'm pretty excited and will now be counting the days most impatiently. There is not a flyer just yet, but rest assured as soon as there is, I will be posting it up here on ye old blog. Here's the link to the event page. LINK

In other news, Mas's newest obsession seems to be Ancient Aliens, which is streaming on Netflix now. I watched a couple of episodes and I can see why he's watched it obsessively. It's pretty kick ass. He also got a head start on The Walking Dead, which I REFUSE to watch alone and he's going to have to re-watch with me. Because I'm a wussy. :|

In sad news, found out Mikey Welsh died yesterday. I didn't really know much about him except for the fact he was a bassist for Weezer and an amazing painter. He was bassist for Weezer when they made their triumphant return and this is what made him really special in my life. I was there when Weezer had their first show back at the Warped Tour. It took place at Fresno State and not only was I there, but so was Mas. Except, we weren't there together. In fact, I went all alone and he with his friends. I used to do that a lot when I was a kid, go places alone. The movies, rock shows, etc. Anyway, it was a very special show and I remember being so happy that Weezer was back. It was awesome and something I'll never forget, and Mas remembers it too. We probably crossed paths and didn't even know it. Anyway, that is why Mikey has a special place in my young heart. I also managed to get him to sign my shirt. So, thanks for that Mikey.

Oh yeah! More band news. There is a possibility of a Sci-Fi Caper music video. Crazy, right!?! Pretty exciting news. The guy interested in making it is Enrique Meza, and his stuff is legit. So I know we would be in good hands. I just hope we don't have to be in it. Because I have NOT been treating myself very well and need to do a little exercise. Alright, A LOT of exercise. ^.^

That's enough news for now. I leave you with the first track off of Veronica Falls self-titled first full length release. Gotta love Slumberland Records y'all. It's been on repeat as of late. It's wonderful and I recommend you give it a listen.

Later gators!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

FuSE Fresno

This past weekend Mas and I attended the 4th annual Fresno Urban Sound Experience Festival or FuSE Fest for all you hip cats. It was a two day music festival that took place in Downtown Fresno California and we found ourselves hopping from venue to venue to catch various local acts. All genres and all ages. It was really nice and felt good to get out and about in my own city. I've lived here my whole life, (not true, spent 5 years in Mendota) but I've also lived a pretty sheltered life. Either I was too young, too broke, or just too shy to go out. Anyway, here are a couple of snapshots I got with my phone.

A Werebear watching Wearbear
Brother Luke & The Comrades
College Kids
Irie Sun
It'll Grow Back
AZAZEL! (the lead guitarist was knighting fans with his ax! Though I was not one of the fortunate souls.
Niilo Smeds
BruNo dA uNo

I mostly enjoyed watching Azazel, College Kids and the Sunburns. Also, Restaurnaut put on a very lovely show in the Fulton55 cafe. Werebear was fun to watch too, especially on day one (they played both days), because they had a dude dressed as a bear. Overall, we had a great time. Though, I wish there would have been a better turn out and it would have been nice to be one of the acts on the bills. Oh well, maybe next year? Anyhow, we took turns using our iPod to take some clips of the bands we were able to catch. Mas put together a really good video of our experience. Have a looksie won't ya?

And instead of linking every band in all the paragraphs, here is a list of links instead. K? ^.^

Brother Luke & The Comrades
College Kids
Irie Sun
It'll Grow Back
Niilo Smeds

Peace out. Be back later with other stuff.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Yeah, it's Monday.

It is indeed Monday and here I am again with another marvelous day off of work. However, it seems I have been crippled by the internet from getting anything done around here. For example: dusting (need to do this regularly so that my allergies don't get too bad), vacuuming, laundry (ugh) and other things that aren't really that important but I really wanted to do. No, instead I have laid in bed while the sheets were at wash and watched Suckerpunch (a very disappointing Zack Snyder flick), listened to new music ( Mikal Cronin, .ICEAGE and Slow Animal), and did a rough sketch of a banner for another blog. At least the sheets and blankets are washed and the carpet has been vacuumed.

Found myself drinking Arbor Mist and eating pizza two nights in a row. And I'm not sorry for it :| Slept like a baby.

Oh yeah! Toni from work, made some Menudo and brought the whole alterations staff a bowl! It was SO yummy. There are many perks to working for and with old alterations ladies, but the food is the best. Lupe brings Tamales, because her daughter owns a Tamale restaurant called Casa De Tamales. There are these Blueberry tamales that are to die for. Toni brings all sorts of dishes and I especially loves when she brings obscure Mexican candies. Like the chocolate covered Mazapan that we can't find ANYWHERE. She said they are only in Mexico. What is up with that?!

I suppose I can talk about what I did this past Friday! We drove to a small farming town called Orosi to see the annual Spanspek Music and Arts festival! It was a pretty good time. I'll just show a few pictures since I gave them all away for another article on a different blog. We got to see a lot of the Valleys biggest bands, but that wasn't my favorite part of the experience. I loved the arts and crafts mostly. There was a girl making some pretty cute charms that reminded me of Sophie and Toffee. I bought the Rainbow Cake with Sprinkles keychain for myself and the Taco charm necklace for my dude. She has a facebook page for her crafts called Dark Heartz. Check her out!

Oh man, there was this kick ass painting of Carl Sagan done by a Visalia artist named Jeremy Woodard. You can see a much better picture of it in his facebook photos here. My camera couldn't capture it's awesomeness. I asked if it was for sale, but forogot to ask how much (I'm a dummy).

We saw Tyrannosaurus Zebra and again they had pretty devoted fans show up. They are getting a pretty steady following around here and it's because these kids really love them. There were two that just took up the floor and danced their little hearts out. It was pretty entertaining to watch and the lead singer accidentally hit a girl with his show as he flung it off with a kick. The video I took of them came out so bad and the sound is just awful I won't even bother posting it. Here is another pic instead!

We sat down while Tokyo Death March played because my feet were killing me.

All in all it was a pretty fun festival and I look forward to next year. I hope I have something artsy to showcase by that time! Or maybe Sci-Fi Caper will play! One can only hope. Anyhow that's all for now, later gators!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day Off

This is the first "real" day off I've had in a long time and when I wasn't at one of my two jobs, I was at practice. My calendar has been jam packed for weeks now. Needless to say, sleeping in was blissful.

So I suppose I should go over what happened at the show. I wish I had more pictures and videos to share. Alas, I don't have a camera and my ipod AND phone weren't really able to capture any good images. We arrived early only to find the show had been postponed about an hour or so. No biggie, we got to meet Eric of Fishboy and Googolplexia.

Friends and family started to show up and soon we were shuffling in to catch Restaurnaut's set. He's a transplant from Arkansas and now lives in Clovis. He played a lovely set of songs on his ukulele, and aside from the "technical" difficulties with the sound, it was an overall good performance. He seems like a really nice guy and I'm sure we'll be seeing more of him around town.

We went up next and I can't really remember what happened after that. I saw people and they all seemed happy so I suppose we did good. Tyrannosaurus Zebra were up next. We had seen them a few weeks back when Bass Drum of Death were in Visalia. So we knew what to expect and they did not disappoint. Everyone was really into it. They also had some fans who had t-shirts and everything! So jealous!

Unfortunately, the crowd started to thin and most of our friends and family started to leave. When Googolplexia performed, it was a pretty small crowd, but he was so entertaining and funny. I was really looking forward to his performance, he plays a ukulele and accordian. After that, Fishboy decided it'd be best if we moved to the back room and I was able to take some video. The lighting was a lot brighter and it was really fun.

We were so pleased with all the bands. They were all super sweet and kind people. We bought a t-shirt from Fishboy and he gave us a free download. Score! So far, we have been so lucky as a band to have played with such awesome people and we owe a lot to Samantha of the Bel-Tower. If it wasn't for her, we'd have no shows. At all. Because I have no idea how to be in a band and get exposure. Seriously. I've got the bug now, and I want to keep playing. So I guess I'm going to have to figure this whole being in a band thing out. That's all for now, later gators!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tonight is the night.

Our first show with our new drummer is tonight! I'm pretty stoked and even though I have a huge nasty pimple, I am for the most part unphased. Anyway, I got up kind of early today and have now spent the past hour surfing the net. Figured, why not put a post on the old blog. I did upload a few pictures so I suppose I can share those here.

Work life has been pretty busy. I'm still working two jobs and it's starting to get worrisome. It irritates me to no end having to re-arrange my schedule every week. Especially when bosses are uncooperative. Fortunately I work with many lovely people who are always willing to pick up or swap shifts with me. I've always enjoyed my job at the bridal shop, but this new job at a certain department store, has turned out surprisingly enjoyable. Though, one of my favorite co-workers has relocated for college, I'm sure I'm still going to enjoy working there. So, yeah that's whats going on in my work life. Stressed, but happy I'm working.

Although, all this working has prevented us from practicing. I think we are going to be alright. I'm feeling super confident, but Mas is stressing the heck out. He just got a new guitar and is having a hard time finding the right sound with his pedals. He was up all night, and I felt so bad for him. It's a good thing I'm not the guitarist, because we'd probably sound like shit. I hope many pictures are taken, I'd love to see what everyone else is seeing.

Alright, let's get to some pictures. These are some pics that were on my phone. I found the majority of them consisted of my cat Loki. He loves the camera and really hams it up when I start taking his picture.

Also, this past month we took our nephew Armando to his first wrestling show. It was only a house show, but it was really sweet to watch him take it all in.

Here is some poor quality vid of his experience.

Well, that's all for now. I hope I'll have some good video or photos from the show tonight. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have laundry to do and maybe one last mini practice. Later gators!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Band news, again.

So this past Thursday we decided to finally record a few songs during practice. We've had 5 practices with our new drummer Jorge and felt that it was about time to share the new sound. Jorge's drumming brings a whole new dynamic to the band's sound and we are so excited that he is apart of Sci-Fi Caper now. It's only 18 days until the show with Fishboy, Tyrannosaurus Zebra and Restaurnaut. It's sounding really good and I can't wait! So here is the flyer and if you want to hear the lo-fi recording of practice, you can head to our bandcamp or Soundcloud. Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

Later gators <3

Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm not sure, but I might be kinda scared.

So Sci-Fi Caper's first show is on Saturday and I've got to say, I'm starting get a little bit of nerves now. At first I was super duper excited! Now, I'm starting to realize I'm a pretty terrible keyboard player (haha!) and I haven't been practicing as much as I should have been. :|

Atleast I'm not sick and my voice is close to normal now. I'm not trying to sweat it too much and I'm getting closer to confidence as the days go by. I know it's gonna be an awesome show because that is what I am going to make of it. So, here is the flyer:

Isn't it just nifty!? I love it ^.^ So if you are in the Fresno area on the 2nd please come by and have a good time. I know I will!

Here is some linkage for the venue: the Bel-Tower

Sunday, June 12, 2011


It's been an awful long time since my last entry here, and oh so much has happened. I hardly know where to begin!

I'm not sure if I mentioned it here before, but my cat Cloud had gone missing. We still have not been able to find him and no one has seen him. It's been months now. I don't think he's been hurt or anything. I honestly believe he has been catnapped, he was after all a very handsome cat. I am being totally serious, and maybe it's just denial, but I really do believe that someone has trapped him in their house and he can't escape. I just want to believe that he's ok. The house had been so sad and even Little Magic seemed forlorn. Well, about a week ago, my dude's brother adopted a little kitten and brought him to live with us. He's adorable as kittens always are, but I still can't stop thinking about my Cloudy. Every time I come home from work or come home from the grocery, I keep expecting him to pop out of the bushes. Sometimes we'd come home and he'd be sitting on the roof meowing and expecting us to pet him. I miss him and I hope he comes home, eventually.

So this is Loki getting to know Magic. Magic doesn't seem to mind him much. Loki is super fascinated by Magics tail. I guess it's nice to have a kitten around. When I see him, I can't help but smile and play with him. I took some video of him playing this morning. I used to have videos of Magic when he was a pup, but I didn't save them properly and now they are gone forever. So, I'm going to try and take as many photos and videos of Loki now while he's still small and playful.

Also during the last couple of months, we commissioned the lovely, Missy Kulik from Rancho Cocoa, to make us some Sci-Fi Caper buttons. They came out soooooo cute and we can't wait to be able to hand them out. Missy is so awesome and we love her cute works of art. She has an etsy store and you should totally go buy something. I personally like the mini note pads. I'm a list maker and I love paper, so I fully plan to buy the guitar girl notepad! (although, I'm too broke for stuff I want at the moment :|) Thanks again Missy and Raoul!

In other band news, we got booked for our first show in about three weeks. Needless to say, I am super excited and can't wait! Sadly though, I'm sick and my voice is all hoarse now. :( Yup, I can't even talk at this point, so I'm sipping as much tea and honey as I can. I won't let this prevent me from practicing though. I still have to get my keyboard playing down. Especially since our first gig is going to be on a bill with Calvin Johnson!! WHUTTT!? I know! Calvin Johnson is the founder of K Records and has played in bands like Beat Happening and The Halo Benders! When I told Sam about it, he thought I was lying haha. It's craziness. The bill so far is Calvin Johnson, Joey Casio (also from K records) and us. I think the girl who booked us, Samantha, is still looking for local acts too. As soon as she sends us the flyer I'll put it up. This also means we'll finally be able to give some of the buttons Missy made for us away. Yay! Well folks, I think this all I'm capable of writing at the moment. I'll be back with more updates. I'm sure of it.

Later gators!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sci-Fi Caper.

Alright, first thing is first, this is my band. We have a raw demo out. Check us out if you got some time. Thanks.

Facebook us! We like being liked. :|

So that's just begun. In other news: Work has kind of sucked lately. Not working very much, but it's alright. Probably wouldn't have been able to work on Sci-Fi Caper if I was. I think I'm going to start looking for another job anyway. I don't want to be a lifer there. Hopefully something will come up soon. As always, I've slacked off on my photo taking. Taking pictures with my phone kind of sucks and using my iPod kind of sucks too, especially if it's not always in my possession. So I suppose it's time to invest in a nice little camera. I was going through some old photos saved on a portable and realized I love having these pictures. Looking back on what was can be really nice. So yes, a new camera is what I need.

My brother has been living in Texas now for a couple of months. He, his lady love and little baby Noah. It wasn't until a few weeks ago, that it really hit me. My only little brother is not within driving distance anymore. At first I was really sad and kind of silently dwell'd on it, but the more I think about it, the happier I am for him. I admire him for taking a chance and trying something/some place different. Wish I could do it myself. I'm looking forward to visiting him soon. He sent me some pictures of him at the zoo and the beach and a postcard. He sounds really happy, and that's all I could have hoped for. It's just not going to be the same without his random visits. Alright, I'm going to stop talking about this because it's starting to make me sad again.

Wish I had some pictures to close this out with. Ah well. Maybe next time, whenever that is.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Why am I so lazy!?!................I dunno.

So, my guy and I are working very hard on getting some songs together to put up a full demo. I'm pretty excited. These songs have been in the works for almost a decade and I think I only have myself to blame for this delay. It feels really good to have something serious to work on. For the past 2 weeks we've been working really really hard and though at times it's super frustrating, it is totally worth it. The downside of it all is my sleep schedule. I've been staying up until 5 or 6 a.m. and waking up at 2 or 3 p.m. Luckily my work schedule has been flexible. I don't usually have to be there until around 4 p.m. so it's all gravy. Except, I'm not feeling so well. Waking up towards the end of the day kind of sucks. Maybe I'm just used to my routine of coffee or tea at the start of my day and then either work or errands after. Ugh, responsibilities. So long as the music is getting worked on, everyone is happy and by everyone I mean Sam and I.

Finally got around to watching The Social Network. It made me kind of sick. I know people seemed to really like this movie and I'm happy for Trent Reznor winning an Oscar and all, but jeez. This movie just made me sad. Not just sad for the people it was based on, but for everybody. Life is so dumb. I don't know, I guess I'm just a cynic. I hate people and the things we do to each other for the the stupidest of reasons. Myself included. Yeah yeah, I have a facebook. It too is mostly neglected. I don't know if my lack of interest in the internet makes me dull or not, but it just seems like there are so many fascinating people and I'm just not one of them. I have no idea where I am going with this.

I think I'm just in a really sad mood right now. Just ran a couple of miles on my treadmill and listened to Tennis. We sound a lot like them, just a bit raunchier. I think. Don't listen to me! I make no sense... most of the time. I had to run though, Fresno now has a Buffalo Wild Wings and the cheeseburger sliders are soooo good. I ate two today! Should of had one, but noooooooo, I had to have two. So I ran. Feels good though, just kind of sad. Maybe the whole earthquake/tsunami thing is eating away at me. Poor Japan. You know how I found out about the disaster? At a McDonalds drive through window. Yup. We had just come out of the midnight release of Battle Los Angeles  (which I really liked, but won't go into) and stopped to get some fries and chicken selects. The first thing the lady says is "Your chicken is gonna take a bit, ok?" then she proceeded with "Hey, you guys know theres gonna be a tsunami here in California?" Say what?! We whipped out of "smart phones" and started reading about all the shit that was going down in Japan. When we got home, we put the news on. Blew my mind. Anyway, my heart aches for Japan. There really isn't much that can be said about that. Just make a contribution for relief efforts. I wish Little Magic was a search and rescue dog. We'd be out there for sure. Alas, he's too little.

Alright, that's probably enough for now. My guy is out on the town catching a rock show with some buddies. He needs that sometimes. He's very much an introvert. What am I gonna do? Probably spend a good hour looking at Tumblr blogs. Yup. Later gators. I'll leave you with my favorite (for the moment at least) Tennis song.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


So, I like to make music and have finally gotten around to sharing it on the internets. My dude and I stayed up until 4 in the morning to crank this one out. We've worked together for a decade now, and I guess it's been a long time coming. So go have a listen to our bandcamp site. Thanks!

Sci-Fi Caper

We'll continue to work on more songs to put up. We've got loads, they just need to be recorded. Later gators!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Ohhhh Snap! [update: I didn't win >.< ]

I so want to win the fan giveaway over at Ice Cream & Pizza . So I'm hella linking up here. Hooray for a triple entry! Ice Cream & Pizza blog rules :|

It's Monday. Here is an entry.

Well, I've had all weekend and then some to think about this entry. I don't ever really know how to start one of these.

This past Thursday, my dude and I decided we'd take a short day trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and take in some of the sites around the area. It was very much needed. Life in this house has been stressful and unpleasant and I couldn't wait to get away from it. This trip had been planned a couple of times before in the weeks prior. The reason for our not being able to go was of course, rain. It just wouldn't stop raining on the days we were available. Sad and disappointing. Finally, it was decided that we didn't care if it rained and we were gonna go anyway. We thumbed our noses at mother nature! And you know what? It totally paid off. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed it immensely. Our weekends are never open so it had to be a weekday, which means that the crowds would be smaller. Not to mention the threat of rain would most likely keep people away. Which it did, but there was still a good amount of people and schools who showed up.

The excitement the day before was so great that we weren't even able to get a good nights sleep! The plan was to depart at 6 a.m. and arrive at around 9:30 a.m. Road conditions weren't expected to be favorable so we had to take that into consideration. Anyway, we went to sleep at 4 a.m. and what do you know?  I didn't set the alarm clock correctly (I am notorious for this and he knows it!)  we ended up waking up at 6:10 a.m. Sam, ever the pessimist, exclaimed "Great, this is NOT a good start Emelia." to which I replied "Oh fooey, get dressed and let's jam!". We got dressed packed some beverages, which mostly consisted of Red Bulls and Amp energy drinks, and hit the road. One last stop at the gas station for some sandwiches and boom, we were on our way. The morning was so beautiful and bright. I tried to get some snap shots, but the camera on my phone was not cooperating. This worried me, because I was anxious to take many photos on this trip. I finally decided that I was gonna use my iPod touch instead. Turned out to be a good idea. Many pictures were taken, many.

The rain wasn't expected until after noon so getting to the aquarium at opening was imperative. Opening time was at 10 a.m. and we got there at 9:30! Which means we made very good time. After arriving and finding our destination, we had to find a good parking spot. We then walked to the entrance and since a line hadn't formed yet, decided to walk to the deck near the Members entrance. As we grew closer to the rails, it became apparent we had made a very good decision in coming. The morning was so beautiful and the coast line so peaceful. There was definitely some overcast and the sun wasn't shining very much, but it was beautiful none the less. We stood there until opening and went to stand in line for tickets. I don't think I need to describe what went on after this. I'll let my photos and video tell the rest.

 That's me!

 The Giant Octopus. This was the best I could do.

 I believe this was a White Tip Reef shark. Even though being eaten by a shark is my biggest fear, I still marvel at them and love them very much. Seeing them really took my breath away. I can't wait until they get another Great White again. I am soooo there.

 Sam, looking mysterious.

 This dude was peeking out of a rock, it was too cute.

 This little duck was angry. He kept chasing off all the other ducks.
 The Aviary was wonderful, and it was really nice to talk to one of the volunteers there who was very knowledgeable about all the birds.

 Oh. My. God. The Southern Otters! I couldn't stop watching these cute little ladies! We paid them one last visit before we left. That's how cute they were. Kind of wish I had bought an Otter plush. Opted for the Polar Bear instead,because it was on sale. >.<

 The Jellies!

 This was a feeding time presentation, but it was way too crowded to enjoy. So we moved on.

 So corny, I know.

 Dude, sea turtles!

 More jellies!!

 The Secret Lives of Sea Horses exhibit was so lovely. I wish there weren't so many people at this exhibit. I really wanted to stay longer and enjoy this one.

 At this point we got pretty hungry. We hit the gift shop, threw around some cash, got our hands stamped so we could re-enter and went in search of some food.

 This was the view from our table at the restaurant. Paradiso. So pretty.

 Local rock fish w/ spaghetti and veggies. Yummers.

Ah his favorite, a cheeseburger and fries.

 Yet another window picture, and the food was great. Yum.

 These Seagulls must have thought we had food, because all they would do was beg and line up. It reminded me of Finding Nemo "mine!".

 Before we left, we did visit the aquarium one more time. Mostly to visit those adorable Sea Otters. 

I'm really glad we decided to test our luck. It was well worth it and I think we deserved it. Can't wait to go back and explore a little more of the city.  I'll leave you now with the video footage I got. They are mostly short clips. Enjoy and later gators!