Sunday, December 11, 2011

A bit discombobulated and long overdue.

Well well. It's been a crazy few weeks. November was the most exciting month I've had all year. We've had so many shows and I am having the hardest time trying to remember it all. It seems the only posts I've had lately are band related. All my pictures are from shows! It's also starting to look like December is going to be pretty rad as well.

Thanksgiving was lovely and I found myself quite bored with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I used to LOVE watching it, but it's just gotten so lame. I worked Black Friday and it wasn't bad at all.

I think Loki had a good Thanksgiving too.

We have another show tomorrow. I'm not expecting a very big turn out as it is a Monday and it's cold out. However, I may be wrong on this. For you see, we will be playing with Fatty Cakes again and she can bring a crowd. I can understand why too, she's adorable and seems like a blast to be around. Restaurnaut and The P.I.T.T.S. will also be there. The headliner is Heavy Flow from Santa Barbara with members from bands like Watercolor Paintings (I'm so excited!!!) and Backpack. We weren't sure if we belonged on this bill, but it's just so fun to play. How could we resist another visit to the Bel-Tower? We're going to be there again later this week for a show on Friday. I hope they aren't sick of us. We also got booked for a show on Thursday at Audi's Olympic. I've invited all the people who are afraid to go to the punk venues to this one.

Other than all this band stuff, life hasn't really changed. Still have two jobs. My sewing skills have improved and I have managed to make two new dresses. One is a classic shirt dress with a gathered skirt in black muslin. It's so comfy and I wish I could wear it everyday. The other is a navy blue sailor dress also with a gathered skirt (I love gathered skirts, they minimize my hips). I wore it to work and everyone kept calling me Sailor Emelia. I didn't mind it one bit! I can't wait until I have enough money to buy really nice fabric. My wish list this year mostly consists of fabric, buttons and other notions.

Also, it's been decided that we'll be moving sometime in the next few months. Which is great, because I was not looking forward to packing or apartment searching. It's just so exhausting, and we also manage to lose something in the move.

I'll end this with a couple of videos from the last show we did. Teenage Sweater (Oakland) and All Your Sisterz (recently re-located to Oakland) were two super nice guys. Both of their sets were electro based, but they were both very good. I bought a kick ass shirt from All Your Sisterz. During his set, a random guy came in and joined in on the music. Though it was hilarious, he didn't really ruin the set. It was a pretty memorable night. Al Bundy (sincerely like these guys and their drummer is beastly!) also played and had a guest singer with a Pearl Jam request (also hilarious) and of course, our dear friend Maximo played as well. So here's some vidz.

Al Bundy

Maximo Garcia (real name Garth)

All Your Sisterz

Teenage Sweater

Two Currents also played, but I think Mas forgot to upload it onto Youtube. Wish I had some video of us, but alas. There is none. Ah well. Here are some links to the bands!

Teenage Sweater
All Your Sisterz
Two Currents
Al Bundy
I'd link Maximo, but he only has his personal Fb page. :/

Later gators!