Monday, November 21, 2011

Shit happens.

Hey hey hey! How's everyone doing? Well I hope. So the weekend has passed and boy, have I got an entry for you. The Nov 17th and Nov 19th shows are in the books and we are moving onward to the Nov 29th show with Street Eaters. I AM STOKED! Alright, I suppose I should do a recap on the shows passed.

Where shall I begin? Well this show was at The Bel-Tower and the headliner was Carol Bui. I wasn't sure what to expect from this show, but it turned out fun and I felt good about it at the nights end. Our old (new) friend Restaurnaut was supposed to go first, but he had forgotten a certain effect pedal at home and had to run out to get it. This obviously caused the show to start late. So his pal Danny Lango filled in for him. Danny had some great songs and we really enjoyed them. Mas took some video.

He was lovely and seemed super excited to have a chance to play some songs. Nick (Restaurnaut) arrived and got the show rolling. He seemed to experience technical difficulties again, but the show went on and he got a great response from the crowd.

Next up was the highly anticipated performance from Fatty Cakes (real name Amber Fargano). It seemed like she drew quite the crowd and most of the people in attendance were actually there to see her. She was truly adorable and had the sweetest personality with songs to match. I really liked her set. I cannot wait to hear more from this lovely lady. Here is some more video courtesy of my dude:

We were asked in the middle of Amber's set if we could go on last. This, I will admit, was a bit of a bummer and kind of took me out of the fun. We of course agreed and waited. We never leave early anyway, we stick around until the very end. It's just fun that way. I don't blame Carol Bui for wanting to go on next, the show started late and I'm sure she didn't want people to leave and play to an empty house (happens all the time). So yeah, she went on and put on a fantastic show. There wasn't a band and she had to use her iPod, but she was so sweet and she danced at the end of her set. It was very nice. I think Mas was pretty bummed because he forgot to get some video. Oh well. She dedicated a few songs to an organization called HIPS (Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive) which is a worthy organization worth recognition for what they do. If you'd like to find out more about them and/or donate just head over to their web site. I'll link them along with the band links at the bottom. The Bel-Tower is actually located on a street called Belmont, and this particular street has a reputation for being a prostitution hot zone. So I'm really glad there were people representing HIPS there.

A brass band called Passion Bucket went up before us. A few of their members had to work early the next morning, when I heard this I immediately knew (or so I thought) that EVERYONE was going to leave after their set. This made me so very sad, but the more I thought about it, the less sad I got. If everyone did in fact leave, we would still be playing for our friends and the Bel-Tower staffers (whom have become really good friends/supporters). So it wasn't so bad. I didn't catch the whole Passion Bucket show because we had to set up a little. Again, no video. Sorry. They did well and there was a lot of dancing. Always nice to see. So they finished and just as we were rolling in our equipment, it seemed like the whole room cleared out with the other band. Ouch.

As I was setting up my bass and amp, I made small talk with the sound guy Omar and he said some really nice things about us and Tyrannosaurus Zebra that really made my night. I was glad to be playing again. Thanks Omar! We played, and guess what? The people stayed! It was awesome and they danced!! My goodness, I was relieved. After we packed up and almost everyone left, we stuck around to shoot the shit with a few of the Bel-Tower guys (Omar, Maximo, and Neat). They agreed that they would find a way to get to Visalia so that they could catch our Velouria Records show. We love these guys. It was a good night. Even though I made a lot of mistakes and forgot some lyrics. Shit happens.

And that would be the theme for the next show. Shit happens. But first! The day in between shows. I worked a double shift (going job to job). After work, we went to catch Maximo's gig at the Starline. Had a pint and let him know we came out to support him. Here's a video!

Alright, I'll try to keep this show short because it kind of sucked. Basically,our drummer got lost and didn't get to play with us. We were both pretty upset about it and I mostly just felt disappointed and embarassed. Werebear went on and played and we waited and waited. The record store closed at 8 and we started at 7:35. We played with just bass, guitar and vocals. Our Bel-Tower homies made good on their word and showed up early too. Anyway, it was awkward when he did arrive halfway into our set. Afterwords, we talked a little and went to get some pizza and beer with Wearbear. Our drummer went elsewhere with his friends. It's been kind of weird, but we practice tomorrow and the show for the 29th is still a go. Not to mention we added another on the 2nd of December. Now I'm just hoping for the best. Here is a picture that Ricky from Werebear took. It came out really good and I love that Bruce Springsteen is in the background. That's all for now. Goodnight!


Carol Bui
Fatty Cakes
Passion Bucket
Danny Lango

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