Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sci-Fi Caper.

Alright, first thing is first, this is my band. We have a raw demo out. Check us out if you got some time. Thanks.

Facebook us! We like being liked. :|

So that's just begun. In other news: Work has kind of sucked lately. Not working very much, but it's alright. Probably wouldn't have been able to work on Sci-Fi Caper if I was. I think I'm going to start looking for another job anyway. I don't want to be a lifer there. Hopefully something will come up soon. As always, I've slacked off on my photo taking. Taking pictures with my phone kind of sucks and using my iPod kind of sucks too, especially if it's not always in my possession. So I suppose it's time to invest in a nice little camera. I was going through some old photos saved on a portable and realized I love having these pictures. Looking back on what was can be really nice. So yes, a new camera is what I need.

My brother has been living in Texas now for a couple of months. He, his lady love and little baby Noah. It wasn't until a few weeks ago, that it really hit me. My only little brother is not within driving distance anymore. At first I was really sad and kind of silently dwell'd on it, but the more I think about it, the happier I am for him. I admire him for taking a chance and trying something/some place different. Wish I could do it myself. I'm looking forward to visiting him soon. He sent me some pictures of him at the zoo and the beach and a postcard. He sounds really happy, and that's all I could have hoped for. It's just not going to be the same without his random visits. Alright, I'm going to stop talking about this because it's starting to make me sad again.

Wish I had some pictures to close this out with. Ah well. Maybe next time, whenever that is.

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