Monday, September 26, 2011

Yeah, it's Monday.

It is indeed Monday and here I am again with another marvelous day off of work. However, it seems I have been crippled by the internet from getting anything done around here. For example: dusting (need to do this regularly so that my allergies don't get too bad), vacuuming, laundry (ugh) and other things that aren't really that important but I really wanted to do. No, instead I have laid in bed while the sheets were at wash and watched Suckerpunch (a very disappointing Zack Snyder flick), listened to new music ( Mikal Cronin, .ICEAGE and Slow Animal), and did a rough sketch of a banner for another blog. At least the sheets and blankets are washed and the carpet has been vacuumed.

Found myself drinking Arbor Mist and eating pizza two nights in a row. And I'm not sorry for it :| Slept like a baby.

Oh yeah! Toni from work, made some Menudo and brought the whole alterations staff a bowl! It was SO yummy. There are many perks to working for and with old alterations ladies, but the food is the best. Lupe brings Tamales, because her daughter owns a Tamale restaurant called Casa De Tamales. There are these Blueberry tamales that are to die for. Toni brings all sorts of dishes and I especially loves when she brings obscure Mexican candies. Like the chocolate covered Mazapan that we can't find ANYWHERE. She said they are only in Mexico. What is up with that?!

I suppose I can talk about what I did this past Friday! We drove to a small farming town called Orosi to see the annual Spanspek Music and Arts festival! It was a pretty good time. I'll just show a few pictures since I gave them all away for another article on a different blog. We got to see a lot of the Valleys biggest bands, but that wasn't my favorite part of the experience. I loved the arts and crafts mostly. There was a girl making some pretty cute charms that reminded me of Sophie and Toffee. I bought the Rainbow Cake with Sprinkles keychain for myself and the Taco charm necklace for my dude. She has a facebook page for her crafts called Dark Heartz. Check her out!

Oh man, there was this kick ass painting of Carl Sagan done by a Visalia artist named Jeremy Woodard. You can see a much better picture of it in his facebook photos here. My camera couldn't capture it's awesomeness. I asked if it was for sale, but forogot to ask how much (I'm a dummy).

We saw Tyrannosaurus Zebra and again they had pretty devoted fans show up. They are getting a pretty steady following around here and it's because these kids really love them. There were two that just took up the floor and danced their little hearts out. It was pretty entertaining to watch and the lead singer accidentally hit a girl with his show as he flung it off with a kick. The video I took of them came out so bad and the sound is just awful I won't even bother posting it. Here is another pic instead!

We sat down while Tokyo Death March played because my feet were killing me.

All in all it was a pretty fun festival and I look forward to next year. I hope I have something artsy to showcase by that time! Or maybe Sci-Fi Caper will play! One can only hope. Anyhow that's all for now, later gators!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day Off

This is the first "real" day off I've had in a long time and when I wasn't at one of my two jobs, I was at practice. My calendar has been jam packed for weeks now. Needless to say, sleeping in was blissful.

So I suppose I should go over what happened at the show. I wish I had more pictures and videos to share. Alas, I don't have a camera and my ipod AND phone weren't really able to capture any good images. We arrived early only to find the show had been postponed about an hour or so. No biggie, we got to meet Eric of Fishboy and Googolplexia.

Friends and family started to show up and soon we were shuffling in to catch Restaurnaut's set. He's a transplant from Arkansas and now lives in Clovis. He played a lovely set of songs on his ukulele, and aside from the "technical" difficulties with the sound, it was an overall good performance. He seems like a really nice guy and I'm sure we'll be seeing more of him around town.

We went up next and I can't really remember what happened after that. I saw people and they all seemed happy so I suppose we did good. Tyrannosaurus Zebra were up next. We had seen them a few weeks back when Bass Drum of Death were in Visalia. So we knew what to expect and they did not disappoint. Everyone was really into it. They also had some fans who had t-shirts and everything! So jealous!

Unfortunately, the crowd started to thin and most of our friends and family started to leave. When Googolplexia performed, it was a pretty small crowd, but he was so entertaining and funny. I was really looking forward to his performance, he plays a ukulele and accordian. After that, Fishboy decided it'd be best if we moved to the back room and I was able to take some video. The lighting was a lot brighter and it was really fun.

We were so pleased with all the bands. They were all super sweet and kind people. We bought a t-shirt from Fishboy and he gave us a free download. Score! So far, we have been so lucky as a band to have played with such awesome people and we owe a lot to Samantha of the Bel-Tower. If it wasn't for her, we'd have no shows. At all. Because I have no idea how to be in a band and get exposure. Seriously. I've got the bug now, and I want to keep playing. So I guess I'm going to have to figure this whole being in a band thing out. That's all for now, later gators!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tonight is the night.

Our first show with our new drummer is tonight! I'm pretty stoked and even though I have a huge nasty pimple, I am for the most part unphased. Anyway, I got up kind of early today and have now spent the past hour surfing the net. Figured, why not put a post on the old blog. I did upload a few pictures so I suppose I can share those here.

Work life has been pretty busy. I'm still working two jobs and it's starting to get worrisome. It irritates me to no end having to re-arrange my schedule every week. Especially when bosses are uncooperative. Fortunately I work with many lovely people who are always willing to pick up or swap shifts with me. I've always enjoyed my job at the bridal shop, but this new job at a certain department store, has turned out surprisingly enjoyable. Though, one of my favorite co-workers has relocated for college, I'm sure I'm still going to enjoy working there. So, yeah that's whats going on in my work life. Stressed, but happy I'm working.

Although, all this working has prevented us from practicing. I think we are going to be alright. I'm feeling super confident, but Mas is stressing the heck out. He just got a new guitar and is having a hard time finding the right sound with his pedals. He was up all night, and I felt so bad for him. It's a good thing I'm not the guitarist, because we'd probably sound like shit. I hope many pictures are taken, I'd love to see what everyone else is seeing.

Alright, let's get to some pictures. These are some pics that were on my phone. I found the majority of them consisted of my cat Loki. He loves the camera and really hams it up when I start taking his picture.

Also, this past month we took our nephew Armando to his first wrestling show. It was only a house show, but it was really sweet to watch him take it all in.

Here is some poor quality vid of his experience.

Well, that's all for now. I hope I'll have some good video or photos from the show tonight. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have laundry to do and maybe one last mini practice. Later gators!