Tuesday, November 15, 2011

One down, three to go.

Last night was our first of four shows for this month and it took place in a basement. I'm going to try and keep this short. We met a lot new and really nice people.

The first band we met was Elephant Rifle and they were way nice guys. They also put on a loud and fun show. Then of course we ran into the fine fellows of Tyrannosaurus Zebra who also asked if they could use my bass amp "Big Barda". To which I gladly gave my consent. They really are a great band and their bassist is very good. After I went inside to scope out the basement we were about to play in, I met Maximo. He too was very nice and had what appeared to be a broken foot. I felt bad for him most of the evening as he had to remain seated for all of the other acts. Poor guy. We ended up waiting a good hour for the show to really get started. Maximo was first, then another local act Al Bundy went next. They were super loud and the drummer was a beast. Their songs were only a few seconds long and reminded me of Crash and the Boys (yes, from Scott Pilgrim). The drummers hitting was so thunderous his whole drum kit fell apart.

We were up after and thanks to a very stoned fellow, we managed to have a nice crowed around us. He encouraged everyone to get close and dance, thank you for that kind sir, whomever you are. I didn't catch his name. We all made a few mistakes, but overall we had fun and that's pretty much why we do it. I gave out a few more buttons to those kind enough to come over and talk to me and made some more valley connections with other bands. Hopefully we'll be playing a whole lot more and from the looks of it, with really nice people. A lot of girls were in attendance and that really made me happy. I hope they decide to start bands too. I felt super bad for the band Our Lady because the lead singer/guitarists amp totally gave out on him. He borrowed Mas's and even after that, his guitar would NOT stay in tune. After he switched guitars, the entire power pad just gave out. It was a real bummer and I was really looking forward to seeing them play as they looked like a super fun band. I bought a cd from them and I also bought an Elephant Rifle tee. The show went well passed midnight and we had to leave in the middle of Boom Boom Kids set. Mas wasn't feeling to well and neither was I. The bands were great and the atmosphere was pleasing. I'd play there again, but maybe bring a very muscular man or woman to carry our amps down the stairs.

Next show is this Thursday and I hope it's a rad one. We'll be in a much more familiar environment with a lot more familiar faces. Stoked!


  1. When are you coming to play in Athens? :)

  2. I'd so love to hear you play sometime! I'm glad things are going well. :)

  3. Missy: I really hope we get enough exposure to play the Athens Pop Festival next year! That would be so rad. If not, we'd still try to find a way to get there.

    Mandy: My brother lives in Texas, that's reason enough for us to pass through!