Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Oh brother.

Well well well. Looks like I've found my way back to this lonely little blog of mine. I'm not even sorry this time around. I just don't have the will to keep this going sometimes. I'm busy! Kind of. Look, I MUST spend an hour (or sometimes more) on Tumblr and other social media sites. That's just what I do with my spare time. I'm not even thinking about ways to update here. I suppose I should just delete this blog all together, but I kind of like knowing that it's around. So around it will stay and rarely it will be updated. So here's an update.

The Mr. and I found a nice little apartment. It's a quad-plex and we live in the very back above the garage. It's been 3 months now and I'm really happy with it. I do however miss his family. We lived with them for many years and I really got used to a loud household. I also got used to cooking large quantities. So our meals have been weird. I miss our little nephew terribly. He's lived with us since he was two years old. He just turned nine last month and I completely forgot to call him for his birthday. I felt wretched and called him a few days later. I kind of wish I hadn't because he couldn't understand why we weren't living with him anymore. I asked him to give the phone to grandma because I was about to lose my shit and go into ugly cry. Other than the separation pains, everything else has been pretty cool. The dryer from the laundromat we used in the neighborhood melted my underwear. It was awful, but an excuse to go out right away and buy new ones! I really love where we live and it's so much closer to the places we find ourselves a lot these days. Work still sucks, but I've got to keep working if I want nice things. I'm still working two jobs.

It really started to wear me out. Working two jobs and playing in a band was getting hard. So we decided we're not going to be playing very often anymore. Few and far between is the way we're doing it these days. Our last show was a real bust and we all went home feeling extremely shitty. The sad truth is nobody wants to see us anymore and we've over stayed our welcome here. We're going to work on recording and booking shows outside of Fresno. Not so much touring, but taking our shit on the road. So much has happened since we started and we've met so many wonderful people. Said people started some brilliant bands and some have already broken up or are moving to another state soon. It's only been a few months! We just need a little break from "the scene" or whatever it is. We're going to go out and support. Support the venues, promoters and bands. We've even entertained the idea of moving to Portland or northern California. I think we belong up north. No, I KNOW we belong up north. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

I wish I had the time/patience to sit here and write about all the crazy shit that's happened these last few months. Fuck that, I wish I could remember half of it! I'm going to make an effort to maybe write it all down in a diary of some sort. Then I can type it up on here or something. Because there has definitely been some craziness that's gone down. Yes, that's just what I'll do. I have a lot of free time when I'm using the public transportation system. I'll get myself a little notebook and write as I wait for the bus. Sounds like a plan! Next time there will be photos too. I've taken a lot of photos. I will however end this with a video of our dear friend Taylor aka Control Noodle doing a cover of one of my favorite Hunx & His Punx songs. Taylor is one of the many talented friends/musicians that has moved out of Fresno and you should really check his stuff out. We were all very sad when he left, but we are all so very happy for him and we will miss him dearly.