Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Four Years Later...

No, I'm not making any dang resolutions this year. No way, no how. I'm only here because I saw that a friend started a new blog to separate her business life from her personal. It inspired me and reminded me that "oh yeah, I have a blog too....?" I guess it's nice to have. Though, I hadn't felt a need to document anything here anymore. However, looking back at old posts has me kind of missing this. Reading old entries about our friends and adventures has me feeling a renewed sense of appreciation for what I have and how far I've gotten.

I have a driving permit. I have one! I thought that would never happen, but here I am with a driving permit. So very much has changed and I didn't document one bit of it. It kind of bums me out. I suppose you can count the few Instagram pics I take now and then, but they're definitely not enough. Living in the moment is something I try very hard to do. I'm not always successful because I'm spending too much time looking for the right filter or trying to take a shot/video that's not all blurry or with my finger on the lense. It always turns out that I'm not happy with what I shot and post nothing at all and missed a great performance or something really funny or cool happened and I was too busy looking at my phone.

So, maybe I'll use this as a place to store memories. Both, precious and wretched. I don't know, maybe even start writing about music again? Who knows! The next 4 years are going to be from what I can tell, nightmarish. I'm going to need a place to put stuff. Good and bad. I loathe posting anything personal on Facebook and Tumblr is so Tumblr. Whatevs, I just want a nice quiet place to put my thoughts and it might as well be this blog. I'm not saying that I'm back, but I'm sure glad I have something to come back to.

(Photo above was taken on Christmas Eve. That's Garfield and he's sitting on little baby Jesus. He looked like an angel)