Sunday, May 24, 2009

The other day.

I had made an entry but got distracted. Didn't save it or publish it so it's gone. I know I was complaining about work or something along that line. Anyway, not gonna worry about it. So I'm not working this week because the shop is going through a dry spell it seems. So I've got a whole week to think about the big picture. I suppose I'm gonna go looking around for a second job and maybe just maybe look into going back to school. I know it's too late at this point to register and all that jazz, so I'm just gonna shop around. We shall see. Other than that, all I've done tonight was add a bunch of dvds to my que on netflix and listen to Lalo Guerrero wondering if I had any relatives who were zoot suiters. That'd be pretty cool. I'm not a particular fan of the look itself, but I love that it was a part of my mexican american heritage. I just really love my culture. Well, I suppose that is all for now. Perhaps later today I'll make another post about the meeting at work today.

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