Monday, February 14, 2011


So, I got flowers, chocolates, hugs and kisses today. Nauseatingly sweet, right? This April, Sam and I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary. We never really celebrate Valentines day though. It just seems kind of pointless. Instead, we go out to dinner if we have time, usually a few days later or prior to the 14th. Although, it was lovely of him to get flowers. I said he didn't have to, but he insisted I pick some out. So good job boyfriend. You da man. Oh wait, it doesn't stop there. He even sent me a Dr. Who eCard while he was at work. I sent him a Han and Leia eCard. We are geeks.

In other news: Our cat Cloud got really sick and scared the jeepers out of everyone. He even started to smell like death. I was desperate to take him to the vet, but Sam said he'd be alright and that I was freaking out. He was right. He's healthy and up to his old tricks. Like begging for food while I cook. I love my kitty.

Bought myself a nice new little laptop. Super stoked! Next purchase is gonna have to be a coffee maker. I'm desperate for the yummy smell of fresh brewed coffee in the morning. Instant does not cut it. At all. Alright, that is all. Take care. 

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