Monday, October 18, 2010

See, what had happened was......

Alright. Yes, I'm a terrible blog mommy. It's just that my life is so dang boring. Seriously. All I do is work or complain about not working when I'm not working. It's so very sad, but that's just the reality I live. So, instead of sitting here trying to think of things to post up. I am going to work on music and then, if I'm up to it, I shall sit myself in front of the sewing machine and I'm gonna sew. Yeah, I'm gonna sing and sew. Because that is what life should be about. Well, that's what I'd like my life to be about annnnnd I'M OFF!!! Later alligators!

btw, the image I used is my cat Cloud. He doesn't give a deuce if you tell him to get off of the table. He does what he wants. I love him.

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