Saturday, March 17, 2012

"It's just crew shit"

So yeah, this is totally happening tonight and I'm losing my mind with happiness. If you aren't familiar with 924 Gilman Street in Berkley, CA, it's basically the place where bands like Green Day, AFI, Operation Ivy and countless other rad bands have played. It's legendary! And we're gonna play there with our south valley soul mates Tyrannosaurus Zebra. It's insane and I just can't help but feel overwhelmed by the love we've received from our friends in the local music community. The fact that said friends are traveling to catch this is incredible. I'm not even really sure what else to type. Words escape me and all I can do is feel. I feel good, good about everything.


  1. Very cool! read about it in Cometbus, maybe? I was an Op Ivy fan, if you could believe that!

  2. Lol yeah I can see that, you being an Op Ivy fan. It was pretty rad. Though, we all felt like total tourists. A lot of us had never been there so we were in awe the majority of the time. I say a lot of us because there was a mass migration of our friends who attended. It felt like home because they were there. ^.^