Monday, January 23, 2012

It's Monday.

And this is happening on Friday!

Yay! I'm really excited about this one. Actually, I'm excited about all of our shows. Even the ones that we don't belong on, and I by that I mean the ones that seem like really hardcore punk lineups and then us. They are interesting but fun in the end.

I'm also really excited about the new button designs by Missy Kulik! We finally ran out and I requested another batch. They are mega rad. I can't wait to show pictures of them. Ralee from Tyrannosaurus Zebra asked about a demo or something and we realized we had nothing to hand out. So, we decided to take the In The Garage tracks from our bandcamp and just put them on a cd already. It was fun making the covers with my handy dandy markers. I've already printed out about 20 more sleeves. They should be ready for this coming Fridays show. I found it shocking how fast they disappeared out of my hands. I didn't really think anyone would want them.

Also in the works: Possible pro recordings, a trip up north with Tyrannosaurus Zebra!, and new songs.

Personal life? Got demoted at my job and losing hours at my second job. I suppose it's been kind of depressing, but I can't seem to dwell on it. There is just too much to be worried about to be dwelling on that alone. Still have yet to find a new apartment. That's going to be fun... NOT! So I guess there is good stuff going on, but there is also bad stuff. Oh well. I suppose that's all for now. If I feel the need to update yet again, I suppose I will.

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