Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July! Fun foreveryone, except for my dude.

It was a lovely night. Though, I did have to work for a few hours and when I got home it was so quiet and dull. I began to worry that everyone was going to lock themselves in their rooms for the rest of the night. Our neighbors across the street started early amd got the ball rolling. One minute the little nephew and I are peeping out the window watching them have fun. The next minute we sat on the porch to get a better look. The next thing you know, the whole family (excluding my guy) are out with their lawn chairs and the party is on! I had a whole mess of sparklers saved up from past celebrations. Six years worth. There would always be boxes left over and I would save them. This year we lit every single one! It was a blast (literally!). I only wish my guy would have been there to enjoy it with us. He works almost every holiday and misses out on all the fun with me and his family. Maybe he will start looking for a better job soon. A girl can hope. Aside from that sad situation, we really did enjoy the evening and I hope the neighbors weren't too disturbed with us for blasting "People of the Sun" by RATM. It was a last minute selection ^.^

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