Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mind Bullets.

How shall I start? Had a long, but productive day at work. I suppose I'm super lucky to be able to work with such lovely people. I sense change very soon. Which makes me uneasy, but it will be fine. I'm just so happy to be home now. Although, I've got a bit of a headache at the moment. I'm sure its because I'm having the hardest time with a song right now. I am not good with words, so writing songs is not my thing. Everything I've made so far has been so juvenile and silly. Then again, most songs seem to be just that anyway. I'm just going to do what I always do. I just get tired of reminding myself that this is fun. It is fun and I truly believe it, it just sucks when you are doing it and all that you want to do is rest from your long day at work. I shall conquer this song! Ugh, and I've still got to come up witgh band name suggestions. ~.~ Alright, that is all for now. I've only got an hour left to work on this in peace.

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