Sunday, May 30, 2010

I just don't know.

I have 3 days off of work. Well, maybe. I'm still an "on-call" for my other job, but have been unreliable lately. Anyway, I have these 3 days and its Memorial Day weekend. Most would be super happy about this. I should be happy about this. So why am I so worried. Just can't seem to relax. Which is beyond irritating. The fear of not being able to take care of things and myself is aweful. I hate you adulthood. We don't even have a place of our own, and still, we struggle. Going back to college was something that I never seriously considered doing. It was only something to be said when being grilled and scolded by pesky family members. I think its time to go back. Just like Jack said. "We have to go back!". Alright alright, there was my transition to talk about Lost. I will miss that show dearly and will continue to watch it for years to come. Well then; I think this will be it for now.

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