Saturday, May 2, 2009


So I guess this is gonna be my first post. I suppose there is no reason to start one of these things. I kinda already have outlets to do this. I don't get online enough to be a blogger. In fact I'm only online on the weekends and sometimes, SOMETIMES on weekdays, but it is extemely rare. I don't have a computer of my own and I share with my significant other who seems to have somewhat of an addiction to the internet. Then again I shouldn't talk, I used to spend HOURS on the net as well. I'm currently without transportation so I'm saving up for a car, once that is taken care of, I am getting a nice little netbook. Already got my eye on one, but hey, by that time there might be a better one on the market. Good thing I'm patient.

Well, I must be pretty conceited to think anyone is going to want to read about what I think or what I've done today. ANYONE who has a blog or twitters and has myspace must have some sort of an ego. Everyone seems to have all of those things. So I guess we are all full of ourselves. Ah well, I am well aware of it though. I don't have any friends in my life and the only people I really get to talk to (in real life) are my boyfriend and his family, and that is not much of a social life at all. Although I'm finding it really really hard to socialize with others. I just don't like people. They bother me. Sure I'm fake and smile and laugh, but deep down inside, I cannot wait to get out of there. I'm not sure if this makes me a bad person, so whatevs.

I'm just gonna use this thing on the weekends, and that's only if I have something worth talking about.

Oh yeah, the baby bulls lost today. disappointed, but meh, they are young. They will be a force next year. I'm proud of them and they played with a lot of heart. It just seemed like they forgot that today. Although I'm sure they didn't. Ok, well I guess this will be all.

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